ATTENTION: Horsey People, Experts, Coaches, Trainers, Mentors; Learn How To Create A Steady Stream Of Income by Monetising Your Knowledge

Learn How To Create A Steady Stream Of Income By Selling Your Knowledge Without Having To Learn How To Get Your Course Online!

Even if you have NO knowledge of where to start with systems and technology OR getting the knowledge out of your head and onto a computer. 

Are YOU an expert in your niche/field? Do others regularly comment on how well you manage to do things that would take them forever to complete and never to the level that you can deliver this to?

If so...

You could be sitting on a GOLDMINE of knowledge that people would be willing to pay so that they can achieve the results they want, without you having to work with them on a 1-2-1 basis

Hi, My name is Jenni

I've been riding since I was a young child and, like you, I just love being around horses.

As a coach and trainer, I had to follow the trial and error path to getting my courses online and learning about all the various different bits of technology. 

I made a lot of costly mistakes along the way.

But I persevered and launched my own online coaching and training programs. Even though I understood how to use technology, could make my own videos and get them online, I still realised there was a lot for me to learn.

I then transformed my business model from working purely 1-2-1 with people in a time for money exchange, and was able to serve more people by getting my message out to the masses and create more impact in the industry.

I realised that nothing like this was available to other passionate experts, coaches and service providers in the equine industry...

I've been recognised as an Award Winning Public Speaker, International Coach, Trainer and Mentor.

So, I'm here to help you get your knowledge online and into the hands of people that want access to it.

The GREAT news is, that I 
am NOT selling you anything...
Far from it...

I'm offering you a FREE Consultation, to show you how to get your material online, without spending hundreds of pounds at a time, when you need to tighten the belt even more right now and be more frugal with how you spend your money.

Why You NEED To Get Your Knowledge Online...

Now, more-so than ever given the climate that we are in, it is SO important to ensure you have more than ONE STREAM of income.

One way to ensure this happens, is to use your knowledge as an ASSET to create a stream of income for you, without you having to be responsible for the delivery of this on a 1-2-1 basis, which takes time and is so inefficient. 

One of the main reasons people don't do this is because they are worried they don't have the time or the know how on how to produce training and get it online. 

Or they think that they can only improve a person's knowledge or understanding by being with them in person. 

And even when they do get it online, they are worried that no one will pay for the content or it won't be good enough to sell.

This is all RUBBISH and are all lies that we tell ourselves, so we don't create something that is awesome! 

Something, that someone out there is willing to pay money to learn from a distance...

Let me be clear about one thing:

Whatever your circumstances are now, whether you have tried to create a course or get your knowledge online before, I have a tried and tested method that allows you to do this, WITHOUT having to become a video editor or a graphics designer or a techno whiz!

I realised that this might sound "too good to be true". However, I am living proof that it works.

So book your free call today and we can discuss how to make it work for you too.

Where Are You Today?

Has your Equine Related Income dramatically reduced meaning you are struggling to make ends meet?
Perhaps you have skills, knowledge and expertise that you used to share with others in person but now you can’t, you’ve lost your income and you don’t know how else to do it.
Possibly you used to make a living by having to stand out in all weathers, drive all over the country and have the hassle of last minute cancellations and changes of plan.
Maybe you are a bit of a technophobe or you just don’t have the time or inclination to learn about it. Or think it’s too expensive to get started with big complex tools.

You've seen other people in your industry take YOUR customers because they seem to do better online and on social media, and you know you could give those customers more value and a better service.

To get something different, you need to do something different! Simple.

And the first thing that needs to change is your thinking. 

Why? Because you’re thinking forms your habits, which shape your actions and ultimately dictates your outcome.

Take control of what you can now and LEARN A NEW SIMPLE SKILL.
A skill that will help you generate income in these uncertain times and continue when things change too.
Generate a second income stream, so you can do whatever you want with your time instead or even “earn whilst you sleep”.
Even better EARN WHILST YOU RIDE & enjoy your own horse whenever you want!

All I ask is that you have an open mind on our call and a willingness to learn. These two things alone will massively improve your chances in attracting the right clients for YOUR business.

Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...

Book in a Free Consultation now, to see exactly how you can achieve a steady stream of income by selling your knowledge online to people that are willing to pay for it right NOW.

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