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You see these experts may not necessarily be the most tech savvy or the best online brains,
 but they certainly do have the most amazing equine knowledge to share with you and that's why we were born. 

Our equine experts have created courses on a huge range of horse related topics and we are supporting them (with the technical parts), so that you get the opportunity to learn from the best kept secrets! 

As more and more experts get their knowledge online then the library just keeps on growing. So there will always be new and innovative learning opportunities for you.  

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They range from little bite size courses all the way up to fully supported learning community courses that allow you to learn from the expert, join their community and ask questions directly. 

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Mindset Reset Exclusive Online
​4 Week Intensive Programme 

Only 20% of any sport is SKILL - the remaining 80% is MINDSET. 
In-fact that’s true of anything in life! 
NOW is absolutely the best time to 
Think of how many people you know who are currently just watching TV, eating chocolate, and moaning about not being able to ride, train or compete!! You can be way ahead of them by simply making the right choice today.
  Would you like to be the minority who know exactly how to use this enforced break to your advantage and come out on top?? 
  If so then this is just the course for YOU.. 
Join the Mindset Reset Exclusive Online 4 Week Intensive Programme personally designed and delivered entirely by  International Mindset & Performance Psychology Coach, Award Winning Professional Speaker and Trainer, Jenni Winter Leach

When you join this ELITE group you get...
- A fast track, intensive program designed to stop your mindset in its tracks, get your brain in on side and spur you on to leave the start box full of running when the world resets again
- Exclusive content every week
- Live weekly Q&A with Me (recorded if you cant make the live - held in the evenings)
- Access to worksheets, resources and materials to keep and use each week
- Membership of a private Facebook group, just for you and our other exceptional participants
- Bonuses too - Special discounts for future training and events (there is so much planned for when we are back out again!)
This is a very ELITE group designed only for people like you who are really serious about being the BEST you can be (even in adversity).
It was actually going to launch in June but we know you need it more NOW than ever! 

 Access this course NOW for just £98 (Normally £248!)
Unbelievable Limited time offer!!

Matrix - Riding Off the Horse

Not able to ride right now? 
Got problems with your body, balance, straightness or other issues (don't we all!) and are concerned about the impact of this on your horse? 
Want that seemingly elusive ‘perfection’ of balance and harmony between yourself and your horse?

Matrix is a ground breaking unmounted bio-mechanics course aimed at all levels and abilities of riders. You can do it all from your own home. No equipment needed. Any body type, ability, experience level can benefit and even those who have never ridden can join in. 

Our mission is to assist you in establishing correct symmetry and movement patterns to enable you to be more self-aware, balanced, confident and straight on the horse.

Matrix is delivered via videos that are really simple to follow and practice. 
Your experts are Julie Knaggs professional saddle fitter and biomechanics coach & Fliss Goater BHSAI, ISM, MSc Equine BPT

The course is wholly inclusive; 17 – 70 year old horse riders, from beginner through to advanced, those returning to riding, leisure riders or those out competing and across all disciplines including para riding, eventing, dressage, showing and show jumping.

Easy to follow videos give you the information you need to go away and practice each element. The more you become aware of your body, the more easily you can change it.

Start making those adjustments now so you and your horse really benefit in the future! 

Access this course NOW for just £10 (Normally £40!)
Limited time offer

TB Transitions - Ex Racehorse Anatomy & Massage

Do you have an Ex Racing TB? 

Are you a Body Worker who would love to learn more about the specific needs of Ex Racing TBs?

Would you love to have one but don't know enough to help transition them to become and amazing riding horse? 

Thoroughbred transitions aims to help educate and support owners to understand the physical and emotional demands that racing has on horses. Then by using that knowledge to allow their horses to transition into equestrian life and to build a fantastic partnership together. 

Learn the keys areas of a thoroughbred's anatomy, physiology and the massage techniques required to help support your ex-racehorse mentally and physically.

This is Module 1 - Anatomy
We look together at some of the key areas of a thoroughbred anatomy and how a career in racing can impact on the health of your horses skeletal system. 

Further Modules will become available to purchase and include:
Module 2 - Physiology
Module 3 - Muscles and Muscle Physiology
Module 4 - Massage Techniques and Stretching Exercise
Module 5 - Massage Routines

Kirsty Wilson is a Veterinary Physiotherapist who specialised in treating thoroughbreds in a private veterinary physiotherapy practice and after realising that there is little training available for ex-racehorse owners to transition, retrain or rehabilitate racehorses, she decided to set up Thoroughbred Transitions. 

Access Module 1 NOW for just £10 (Normally £20!)
Limited time offer

Plait Like A Pro with Cassy Gadsby

Have you always wished you could turnout your horses like the professionals? Well now is your chance to... plait like a pro!

This course has 16 sections and covers everything from pulling and trimming, to perfecting that show ring look.

Cassy lives in Cornwall with her family and travels around the country plaiting at some of the UK’s biggest shows. A lifelong interest in the Iberian horses started Cassy on this journey and now she plaits for all manner of classes, from show ponies to Doma Vaquera.
As well as show turnout Cassy also runs successful plaiting clinics, where participants get to put their hands to work, perfecting their plaits.
Cassy was dubbed “the plaiting Queen” by friends and clients and if you have a look at some of her creations you can see why.

This is a full course including 3 detailed modules on short manes, long manes and tails. There is no time limit on the course, so once you sign up, you can access it as many times as you like. 

When you sign up you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can access more hints and tips, ask Cassy advice, send in videos and share your experiences with others on the course.

Each Module is worth £60 individually. However, this Unlimited Access course with Full Community Support is now available at the fantastic offer of just £120 (so you get all 3 for the price of 2, saving you £60 on the individual module purchase price).
Start your plaiting journey today and learn to Plait Like a Pro!

Access the Course NOW for just £120 (saving £60)

Your Guide to The Scales of Training

Want to kn o what exactly the judge means by their comments on your sheets? 

Ever wonder what exactly the scales of training mean? 

Get confused by the different ideas of what to work on?

This is a simple course on mastering the fundamentals of any equestrian sport – the scales of training.

It is an opportunity to find out the actual meaning of Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection. 

Using training videos you will have the opportunity to see examples of all the scales and how they could benefit your training!

Amy Blount is a Dressage Rider and Coach. She has competed up to Inter I and has the UKCC Level 3 as well as being a BD Accredited Coach and a BHS Accredited Professional Coach.
Amy's passion has always been to help people on their journeys to get the best out of themselves and their horses.

Access this course NOW for just £15 (Normally £40)
Limited time offer

Design Your Own Warm up Plan 

Do you get stuck warming up and find it's not productive? 
Do you get distracted by others and don't achieve what you want?
Do warm ups seem daunting as you've got no idea how to get the best out of your horse? 

This course is carefully created to help you design a warm up plan that is specific to you and your horse, which will effectively help you perform to your best.

The course covers - working out what elements you actually need in a warm up, 
the language you can use to remind yourself of what to do, how to test and reflect on effectiveness, strategies for the "what ifs" and how to make your warm up count. 

Easy to follow videos give you the information you need to go away and practice each element. As well as a printable worksheet or plan that you can take with you to competitions. 

Amy Blount is a Dressage Rider and Coach. She has competed up to Inter I and has the UKCC Level 3 as well as being a BD Accredited Coach and a BHS Accredited Professional Coach.
Amy's passion has always been to help people on their journeys to get the best out of themselves and their horses.

Access this course NOW for just £10 (Normally £40!)
Limited time offer

Introduction to In Hand Groundwork with your Horse

Welcome to a world of learning to work with your horse on the ground.

This course contains very easy to follow videos and instructions on how to do each element. 

Alongside the learning materials you get access to a facebook group, making it straightforward to ask questions and also to offer a way to interact with other owners taking part in the course.

On top of all this you get to take part in a weekly Q&A live with Cassy so that you can ask questions directly, get feedback on what you and others are doing and find out what she recommends directly to you all. 

Cassy has over 25 years experience working with horses on the ground to improve their core fitness and general way of going. Her interest in this way of training became personal when her own horse was diagnosed with navicular at the age of 7, she worked closely with her trainer to work on his core strength and fitness and a year later after being told by the vet that he may need to be PTS he went and won the ridden Partbred Lusitano class at the Annual Breed Show.  

Access this course NOW for just £60 (Normally £98!)
Limited time offer

 Trouble Free Trailer Loading 

Have you stood for hours praying your horse would "just load please!!!!"?
Have you not entered clinics or competitions because you are worried you may not be able to get there - or home?!
Do you worry what might happen if you need to take them anywhere in an emergency?
Would you love your horse to be a willing and happy traveller?

This course is designed to help you get on the road with your horse, help your horse become an easy and confident loader and travelling your horse be stress free. 

It covers basic ground skills with your horse, simulations and prep you can do to help with loading and how to get your horse willingly self load.

Delivered by Tracey Duncan - who has developed a real hybrid of horsemanship & traditional/ classical training. Tracey is an amateur eventer, riding her own horses and a couple for owners up to 2* level. Tracey's unique hybrid approach to working horses and passion about bridging the gap between the two worlds, means she teaches that horsemanship is way more than wriggling ropes on the ground. It is beneficial to all partnerships and good horsemanship can be used all the way to the top of all disciplines.

Easy to follow videos give you the information you need to go away and practice each element, easily, safely and confidently for both of you. You also get a printable worksheet to take with you and keep in your pocket, so you can track your progress and remind yourself of the key things to do.

It is suitable for beginners and also those who have already done some ground work. 

Start making those changes now so you and your horse really benefit in the future! 

Access this course NOW for just £10 (Normally £40)
Limited time offer

NKC Horse First Aid Course

Sick of unnecessary vets bills?
Want to know when you definitely need to call the vet?
Fed up with conflicting advice about dealing with a colicky horse or a cut leg? 
Still having to google everything when something goes wrong with your horse?

What if you knew exactly when to call the vet, and what conditions you could cope with on your own? You could avoid unnecessary vets bills and make better decisions for your horse. 

This course covers -
colic, wounds, preventative health care, vaccinations, equine emergencies, lameness, eye conditions, infectious diseases, bio-security and worming .

In this comprehensive Online First Aid Course there are lots of units for you to work through at your own pace. Each section includes slides for you to watch / read through, videos and audio materials recorded with our vets. The slides can be viewed at the same time as you listen to the audio episodes, and whenever possible these podcasts also work without the slides. This will allow you to be be listening whilst mucking out, driving or walking the dog; horsey people are excellent multi-taskers after all.

Alongside the learning materials you get access to a facebook group, making it straightforward to ask questions and also to offer a way to interact with other owners taking part in the course.

Is the course for me?
If you’d like to update your knowledge, make better decisions and take the best care for your horse then YES it is.
If you think you have all the answers, are closed minded and think that your way is best then NO the course isn’t for you..

Access this course NOW for just £125 (Normally £197!)
Limited time offer

How to Get Your Expertise Online with US

Want to share you knowledge but have no idea about technology? 

Think you need fancy kit and a team of video editors to get online? 

Don't know how to start in creating a course?

This FREE and short video course is designed to quickly and easily guide you through the simple technical elements of getting your course to us. 

This course also lets you see how your online learning modules will look to those who buy them as it uses the same technology. 

Having a course online with us involves no upfront fees. So you have every reason to get your knowledge out and share it with others!
If you want to know more about how to come up with a course and mould it so you have something others can learn from you - then just book a free 30 minute call with us to discuss it. 

Click the button above to get FREE ACCESS to my course on how to make money online with US right now. 

Are YOU an expert in your equine related area? 
Do others regularly comment on how well you manage to do things that would take them forever to complete and never to the level that you can deliver this to? 
Would you love to be a part of a growing community sharing knowledge and helping horses and riders all over the world, without having to leave home? 
If so then click on the button below to find out how you too can become a part of this fast growing learning community. 

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